Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Using FlexBuilder 3 to Debug Flash C3 Projects

So I have finally, after a long hiatus, ventured back to Flash. Flash MX started me on this RIA map adventure. Then onto Flex 2, now Flex 3 and soon Flash Builder (Flex 4!?).
In the day I had little need for animation, so all interactive AS2 development. Flash CS3 is quite different to the MX IDE. Had a yikes moment when I opened it. Slowly it is becoming familiar. I have become so used to the Flex IDE, tips and all that. That editing .as files in Flash seems very awkward. It has taken a minute to get the two working together nicely. One thing which has caused me consternation is the inability to debug a flash .as file in flex. Finally found the solution:
Debug Flash CS3

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