Thursday, August 19, 2010

Adobe Flex Mapping Interfaces

An interesting article on Flex map interfaces written by a collegue of mine:

Monday, August 2, 2010

Flex - Styling Interactive Maps 2

Just returning to my earlier post; using the Openscales API and combining WFS and WMS in one place. The goal was to use a styled map image (returned by a WMS call) and use Flex to draw the features on this image (via a WFS call), to give interactivity. One problem I found was that we needed to give the WFS drawn features a transparency of 0. This way we could get the interactivity (eg click on feature and get attributes pop up) but not see the drawn feature. But, suppose we want this selected feature highlighted in a different colour? Since the transparency is set to 0, the highlight will not be visible. How to get around this ....

Remember the Openscales map is constructed with multiple layers (imagine looking down at multiple sheets of tracing paper, on one there is a road drawn, on another a river etc all lined up correctly geographically). Our WFS (selected) layer is on one of these sheets. So all points marking well, for example, are on this one sheet. But all the points on this sheet have a transparency of 0, so they are there, but invisible. Now it is the sheet or layer which is set to 0 transparency not individual points (polygons or lines) The solution to being able to highlight a selected point (WFS feature)

Set a blank map feature layer. Set the transparency to 1. When a point is selected copy this to the blank layer. Hey presto it appears, Make sure when you unselect the point you both copy the point back to its original layer and then clear the blank layer.