Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Making Money from Map Mash Ups

Oh, the so often discussed Where 2.0 topic. I found an interesting article on this subject on CNet. Its a little dated, but worth reading:

Mashups for fun and profit

Stand out quotes:

"they're fairly easy to create, and it's not that difficult for someone to duplicate the more successful ones ... You are in fact a reseller of that (mashed up) content."

"visualizing houses or jobs on an online map is merely a feature. But if a Web site shows home values in low-crime areas within a certain price range and with high-scoring elementary schools within 30 minutes of a workplace, then that is an application that could conceivably be monetized"

"The challenge with a mashup is it may not fully hold its own destiny. They are somewhat at the mercy of the open components that the Googles, Yahoos and Microsofts have provided"

Hmmm, worth mulling over me thinks...

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