Monday, July 21, 2008

Municipal Mapper

I sometimes visit the local city web page here in Salt Lake. I live in Cottonwood Heights and their web site
is nicely designed. They even have some simple interactive mapping functionality added. But the site is filled with location references from events, to library locations, to proposed areas for rezoning. All beg for maps. Similarly no feedback mechanism is in place to allow residents to provide feedback on location specific areas of concern or interest. I put this interactive map together quickly using Flex 3 and Mapserver. It allows users to zoom and pan the map. It also includes a checkbox options to show, on the map, the location of schools etc. Finally, it also allows users to enter their own information such as races, festivals etc. These are dynamically added to the map with a description provided by the user. I used the geocoder provided by Google to convert the entered address to lat/long. Here is a video of the application:

Flex Map using Mapserver from matt sheehan on Vimeo