Monday, July 21, 2008

Flex Map tool building

Here is an early experiment done with Flex 2. Mostly it is a simple image display tool. But PDf generation and historic data is included. Doing this work made me realise the power of Flex. Here is a video of the application.

Flex Design 3 from matt sheehan on Vimeo

As an add on to this work I was asked to create a dynamic map application. In the end I built the tool from scratch; using a combination of Flex 2, PHP and Mapserver. The cool piece for me was having PostGIS ad Postgres feed the data to the application. There was historic data which made things a little tricky, since I had to separate the spatial and attribute data into separate tables.

Flex Map with PHP and Postgres/PostGIS from matt sheehan on Vimeo

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