Monday, July 21, 2008

Flash and Flex mapping fun

The two applications below are more mapping past work. In 2002 I built a Flash mapping application which was built using Flash, Flash remoting, Java, ArcIMS and ArcSDE/Oracle. I built the tool from the ground up. It was fun and my first taste of Flash (with its challenges for application development without animation). The map tool provided the usaul zoom, pan etc. Also extraction. Here is a video of the application:

Flash Map with Java from matt sheehan on Vimeo

One more from the archives. Built using Flex 2 and using SVG data. Its a ski map application which allows users to pan and zoom. I blended in georeferenced imagery. For me the coolest part of the application is the video. I took a video skiing down a run and manipulated the resulting file to add cue points and converted to FLV. So as the video plays georeferenced points appears on the map tracking the skiers progress. Here is a video of the application:

Ski Utah Map using Flex and SVG from matt sheehan on Vimeo

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