Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mapping API's

I'll admit to being somewhat locked into the Modest Maps Flex API. As recent blog entries suggest, I've started looking at combining WMS and WFS data - served from MapeServer or Geoserver - with basemaps. I've had a number of people approach me about this combination, plus I've wanted the excuse the exlpore further.

Another area which I have started investigating are other Flex/Flash mapping API's. The main four are ESRI ArcMap, Google maps, Yahoo and Mapquest. I came across the following article written by Kevin Hoyt of Adobe. He compared the Google, Yahoo and Mapquest last year. Finding Mapquest the richest and best supported. He did a presentation which included Modest maps and ESRI's API. Its worth a read.

For me, after chatting with Mapquest at Where 2.0 this year, and based on what I have read, I'll turn my attention here first.

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